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Missing Letters is a challenging, fun, word game with 11 different games to play with 232 unique challenges to complete
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Leon Russell
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28 May 2011

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Today, there are many indoor games based on word building. Such games are often advised for young children to help them building good vocabulary and word usage. People of all ages find such games interesting as they provide a good mental exercise along with being a great source of entertainment. Games like Word Building and Scrabble are famous from time immemorial, entertaining thousands of people all around the world. Due to the wide usage and availability of computers, different word games are also being developed for computers and other portable devices. Missing Letters v.0.7.038 is one such entertainer offering wide choice of different types of games.

Missing Letters is a freeware English word gaming platform, featuring a wide number of different games. The interface of the game consists of a colorful background with five different background themes and the cells for word input shown as big boxes. Overall, the interface is attractive and suitable for users belonging to all age groups. It contains a total of eleven games, including classics such as the Word Master Mind, Anagrams, Highest Scrabble score etc. The puzzles usually consist of around fifty four thousand words so that every time you start the game play, you never meet a puzzle done before. It it has an auto save feature for automatically saving all your game progress and scores. The game also has online capabilities for submission of your highest scores at a central place and comparing them to other players on the web who may be located anywhere. You can even check the words as it has built-in capability of connecting to a number of famous dictionary websites.

Summing it up, Missing Letters v.0.7.038 is a nice package of different word games with varying level of difficulties and comes with lot of online updates in the game type and word database. Hence, it receives a score of four and half rating points on the scale of five.

Publisher's description

Missing Letters is 11 games in 1 word game using English and American spelling.
- Auto free updates.
- Online highest score table.
- Over 54,000 words in the offline database.
- Online check to mutiple big online dictionary sites.
- Auto save for your score and progress.
- 5 Different graphic themes to choose from.
- Addictive & fun games for any word game enthusiast.
- 232 challenges to complete the 'Almost impossible 100% Mini Games challenge'
- 11 Different games to play & more to come.
Including classic games:-
- Anagrams
- Word Master Mind
- Highest Scrabble score
4 interesting new variations of Anagrams.
- Every Other Letter
- First & Last
- Wordgrams
- Multigrams
Can you find words that contain more than one of the same letter?
Do you know a word that contains 4 E's?
answer 64 questions in this game.
- Multiple Letters
Are you good with your latin origin?
Can find 72 words that end ible?
- The #ibles's
And the main game Missing Letters with 2 versions.
Missing Letters
Missing Letters
Version 0.7
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